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Benefits of Video Ads

Take off the digital marketing hat and put on the consumer hat, scrolling through your Facebook feed, video ads definitely stand out much more than the average display ad. While there are some outlying display ads, video ads perform much better than display ads in views and clicks. Is it any surprise that video ads on Facebook tend to have more views than display ads?

The core of the marketing efforts at Meteor Affinity rest with testing and optimization. Late in 2019, Meteor Affinity ran a series of campaigns on Facebook. The goal of these campaigns was to increase overall traffic, in other words, increase the amount of clicks and views to a landing page, with the ultimate goal of conversions. Typically, campaigns have a static image that needs to draw attention quickly while the potential consumer was scrolling through Facebook. But what about videos? Would they draw a bigger audience and better click through rate? Well, there is only one way to know for sure. Targeting the same audience and maintaining the same basic message, a series of tests were executed focusing on the clicks generated for video ads versus display ads.

The results from this series of tests were significant. The results showed that videos from this campaign were around three times more likely to be viewed and clicked on, bringing increased traffic to the landing page.

Creation of Video Ads

Optimally, Facebook video ads should have a ratio of 16:9 with favorable dimensions of 1200 x 628. The length should be around 30 seconds. Ideally, this ad would also be run on Instagram as well.

What if you don’t have a talented designer to put together an optimal Facebook video ad? Numerous services and tools exist that can assist with video creation. One that we have used in the past is Lumen5. Lumen5 is an intuitive, easy to use paid tool, assisting in creating professional looking videos. Facebook also has its own video creator allowing the video ads to be created from static images.

What to show in your ad should remain on message, while still inspiring the viewer to click. An example of a video that inspires without showing the product is Saxx, shown here: https://www.bestdesigns.co/best-design/saxx-video.

Try some video ads

Meteor Affinity consistently works to optimize campaigns, while maintaining a high ROI. It is time to set up a campaign and test the video ads to see what works best for your brand, messaging and audience.

November 16, 2020


Facebook Marketing

Video Ads


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