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Customer Acquisition - Best Practices

Picture a much easier time twenty five years ago, on the playground at recess and you are trying to gather your fellow classmates over for an intense game of kickball. “Hey guys! Come over here! Let’s plan kickball!” Subsequently, they all gathered and a game was played.

If only customer acquisition was this easy.

We’ll break down some best practices for customer acquisition utilizing social campaigns; touching upon proper audience targeting, optimization, and equally as important - the CPA (Cost per Acquisition).

Proper Audience Targeting

Proper audience targeting goes well beyond demographics and geographic targeting. While those help, targeting optimal audience behavior and interests will help narrow the target audience, allowing the ideal customer to see your message.

Facebook ads have the option of creating a “look-a-like” audience. So aptly named, Facebook algorithm targets an audience with similar characteristics (age, gender, behavior, interests). Keeping in mind that it is a “look-a-like” audience, the audience it is trying to create is only as good as the audience it is creating the look-a-like of.

Another option, in the event where the ideal audience interests and behaviors are unknown or a bit blurry is to “reverse engineer” it. What this means is to target a much broader audience and then learn about those that converted. Using those learnings, the next and subsequent campaigns would be done with a much more confident precise targeting.

Constantly learning from this audience will be key, so continue to revisit customer behaviors and interests.


Constantly learning from the audience and optimizing campaigns will help greatly to increase conversions. Optimization means more than just targeting the right audience. It also means optimizing the funnel in which you bring your customers.

What we have done is several tests on messaging, landing page arrangement (in regards to form fields), length of the process overall, etc. All of this is part of optimization of the funnel for customer acquisition.

Basic customer acquisition funnel:

Initial click → Landing page → Conversion

Optimizing each part of this funnel is key to increasing customer acquisition in the most cost effective manner. And more importantly, consistently doing this will be the more beneficial to ensure this.

CPA (Cost per acquisition)

Why are we working to optimize all portions of the acquisition funnel?
Ultimately, we want to have the lowest CPA possible. There is no better way to do this than to optimize all portions of the funnel.

How is CPA (Cost per acquisition) calculated?


CPA = Cost of marketing efforts / Customers acquired through those marketing efforts.

Keep the CPA in mind while marketing through paid trackable efforts. This also helps to determine if certain efforts are deemed successful or if it’s a winless battle.

Start Acquiring

Proper audience targeting and optimization of the acquisition funnel will help elicit a successful CPA along with many new acquired customers.

Meteor Affinity has over 15 years of experiencing working with all aspects of acquisition utilizing a variety of channels. Let us help you increase acquisition at the lowest CPA.

February 18, 2021


Customer Acquisition

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