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Filling Cabins for a Themed Cruise


An exclusive pre-sale featuring special cabin pricing and on-board opportunities was offered to members of the Official NASCAR Members Club.

Entertainment Cruise Productions (ECP), a producer of themed cruises (typically Jazz themed cruises), approached us wanting to market their first-ever NASCAR Cruise to our database of fans.


Our solution

Marketing to NASCAR fans to fill the occupancy of cabins.

Conducted various email testing, including subject line. Segmented our database to send various offers to increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Utilizing the Official Nascar Members Club in a variety of touch points to obtain cabin purchases.

Implemented “After Purchase Marketing” encouraging Members after a purchase of a product to view the ECP promotion.

Being able to interact with as many targeted NASCAR fans as possible.

Sent outbound inserts to NASCAR fans upon ordering a product from the Official NASCAR Members Club


With the NASCAR audience being relatively new to Entertainment Cruise Productions, targeting and sales were pivotal.

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