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Optimization of an acquisition channel


To acquire more members for the Official NASCAR Members Club (ONMC), we worked with NASCAR and their own database of fans to promote their membership.

Unaware of the performance of the email subscriber list, we created factorial design experiments to optimize the results.


Our solution

Increase acquisition while obtaining the best click through rate, open rate, and conversions possible through a main send.

Designed and implemented a multifactorial experiment of 8 variations - testing Landing Page presentation, Email Template, and Subject Line.

Provide an educated projection of what to expect through a main send.

Utilizing the results from the winning combination of a random sample, an expected conversion for the main send was obtained.

Remarket to the engaged group from the main send who have not yet converted.

Second chance email was sent to those that did not convert but did open the main send email.


Tested a campaign with multiple testing variations and launched a final version in a week.

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